Top 5 Entry IT Certifications – Plus a Free GoDaddy Renewal Coupon!

it certfication
So you’ve become your own system administrator: you’ve built your own server, you know how to get cloud hosting with a super-cheap godaddy renewal coupon code. Plus, you found this kinguin discount code that works. But how does one turn that into a paid salary? In the world of Information Technology, experience rules above all- but what do you do to get your foot in the door, without verifiable experience or a college degree? The answer is certifications. Certifications are ways to prove yourself to potential employers and verify that you have the skills and abilities to properly complete the jobs they need done. Here are the top 5 certifications for getting started in IT. 1) CompTIA A+. This certification is considered the baseline for all IT careers. Depending on your location, this certification and a desire to excel could be all you require to get your first help desk position! This certification covers a variety of subjects, from your basic hardware and software to intensive troubleshooting labs, where your overall goal is to…
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