Online Coupon Flyers: How to Get Exclusive AncestryDNA Promo Codes.

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Five Benefits Of Digital Circulars

You probably know that weekly circulars are a great way to save money at a variety of retailers. The fact that they are nearly all available online is less common knowledge. Embracing the digital version of flyers offers a number of advantages over their printed counterparts. Check out the list below to learn about how.

ancestrydna coupon codes1. Exclusive Coupons

When we took CouponFeed’s digital circular for a spin, we found exclusive deals that we haven’t found anywhere else (Click here to view them). These coupons, according to, are part of a partnership with Hotwire, and part of that relationship involves $10 off $100 car rental offers that you won’t find anywhere else. This means that, if you subscribe to these digital circulars, you’ll have access to deals and savings that no one else will.

2. Ease of Use

Weekly ads are designed to display a maximum of information in a minimum of space. Items are crammed onto the page in flashy colors intended to draw your attention. They may draw you in, but the chaotic spread can make it difficult to notice all of the items you are interested in. Important information, including product sizes and participating flavors, is frequently printed in print so tiny you need a microscope to read it.

By contrast, most digital circulars allow you to browse a more organized layout by sorting items using category or department. Doing so displays the merchandise in organized boxes, with ample room for all of the details. Zooming functionality is commonly available if it is still too small. Search functionality is also common, allowing you to search for any desired item and determine if it is on sale in seconds.

If you like the chaos found in a physical flyer, most digital ads may be viewed as a facsimile of the print version. You can even convert the document into a PDF format and print it out if you want the true old-fashioned experience.

3. Online Shopping List

There are two problems with traditional shopping lists. The first is that they are easy to leave behind when you go to the store. The second is that you forgot to add a desired product to it. Both problems lead to that awful “I forgot to get THAT!” moment when you return home.

Online shopping lists solve both problems. Your digital shopping list can typically be saved on your favorite retailer’s site, allowing you to bring it up on their app or through your smartphone’s web browser. You may also print it out or email it to yourself if you prefer.

Items may be added to your digital list by clicking on them, allowing you to easily add things without stopping what you are doing. Most online flyers have a shopping list tab that allows you to manage your selections by adjusting quantity desired or deleting anything clicked on accidentally. You can even type in any needed items not currently on sale! Your list is always complete and accessible as a result of these functions.

4. Integration With Other Offers

Many retailers are embracing online rewards programs and digital coupons as the technology behind them continues to advance. An online ad is easy to integrate into these services. Perhaps you are linked to the digital coupon for a product you selected, or maybe a deal requiring membership links you to the registration page if you are not a member. This functionality is only just starting to be utilized, but figures to become the industry standard as more businesses adopt it.


5. Accessibility

Let’s face it: weekly ads are easy to lose. Maybe another member of your household threw out your favorite flyer with the junk mail. Perhaps it got grouped with a bunch of papers and stored away, not to be seen again until well after its expiration date. It’s also possible that the post office never sent you one, or that you live outside of the store’s area for physical mailings.

None of these problems exist with a digital flyer. You can always find it on the company’s website, usually under a weekly ad tab. Inputting your ZIP code helps the site figure out your preferred store location, allowing you to shop your store’s flyer without worrying about procuring or losing a physical copy.

In conclusion, there are reasons to use a digital ad even if you have the print one. Online circulars may ultimately replace hard copy versions, so it is best to master the benefits of digital ads now.