Knowledge Exchange

You are characterized to be very eager of knowledge and consequently want to find out more about good and recommendable possibilities of exchange of knowledge? Then take some time and read through the following paragraphs within this article considering the topic ‘Knowledge Exchange’. Strictly speaking the website provides in all respects profound as well as comprehensive information when it comes to sharing know-how, experiences, interdisciplinary skill and consolidated knowledge within for instance communication rounds, discussions, dialogues, general talks and interlocutions as well as conversations. Furthermore the website informs about the exact procedure of different ways of exchanging knowledge and its consequential benefits for every communication partner. By the way, the reader of this present article will also become acquainted with those conditions that are required in order to be able to successfully exchange general knowledge.

Also discussions, general dialogues and conversations between two or more people turn out to be a so-called exchange of knowledge. The reason for this consists in the fact that an effective and intensive exchange of knowledge makes it possible to share general know-how as well as expert knowledge, a wide range of different experiences and interdisciplinary skill considering any kind of topic or subject matter. In spite of all it has to be mentioned that this procedure of both a formalized and structured knowledge exchange process requires that the persons concerned within this very lively exchange do have profound know-how and interest when it comes to the topic they are discussing and talking about. Consequently, on the one hand all persons have to be interested in the conversation or rather discussion, on the other hand they all must have consolidated, profound as well as specialized knowledge considering the respective topic which represents the focus of such a communication round.

In order to be able to understand the general procedure of exchanging knowledge in practice we want to explain this process in detail. So just have a look at the following example: Simon, Grace, Julie and Tom are four very good communication partners. They are interested in a wide range of different topics and enjoy talking about them. One day, however, Simon, Grace and Julie start a conversation about finance, in particular about so-called fixed-term deposits. Fixed-term deposits are also known under the German terminus of Festgeld. Strictly speaking fixed-term deposits describe a special type of money that is deposited at for instance a bank and characterized to not be payable for a fixed period of time. Because of the fact that Simon, Grace and Julie are bank counsellors they do possess profound knowledge when it comes to financial topics. Tom, on the contrary, has never been interested in finance and consequently is not very well versed in this thematic field. So it is not possible for him to join the conversation or discussion which means that he cannot participate in the exchange of knowledge.